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Our Fundamental Beliefs

Respect for the individual

The Human Being is born as a free and unique individual with the capacity to think, reason and create — and the ability to dream. "Respect for the individual" calls on Honda Kaihatsu to nurture and promote these characteristics in our company by respecting individual differences and trusting each other as equal partners.

The Three Joys : Our goal is to provide Joy through our business







The Honda Kaihatsu Principle

With sensitivity and insight, we are dedicated to providing products and services of the highest quality for customer satisfaction.

Honda Kaihatsu Management Policies

Always think and act from the customer’s viewpoint.

We should be aware that it is only the satisfaction of our customers which justifies our existence as a company. All our actions should therefore focus on giving satisfaction to our customers. To “always think and act from the customer’s viewpoint” means that you try to look after the customer all the time, sense how the customer feels regarding “what he or she wants to do and how he or she wants it to be,” and then decide on the approach and targets for your actions—all in the pursuit of fulfilling the customer’s hopes and expectations.

Maintain a broad horizon and always make time to improve yourself :- To provide excellent-quality work that gives satisfaction to customers, we must keep improving ourselves.
Broadening your horizons will help expand the sphere of your activity in daily work and enhance your potential.

Be proud of your work and fulfill your role :- Work is a precious and valuable experience. A person’s job can also provide a great sense of joy and pride arising from giving full play to one’s skills and abilities.

Value open communication and create an energetic workplace environment :- The basic approach to work at Honda Kaihatsu is to work as a team. Each associate is a team member and needs to understand the team goals as well as their own role. Work is pursued as a member of the team, and every member of the team has the opportunity and the obligation to make a contribution.

Make the most effective use of time :- Time is a limited resource. To make the most effective use of our time is a sound concept for approaching our tasks efficiently and productively. To this end, achieving the most important goals requires us to concentrate on the most important tasks.

Keep envisioning dreams and tackle challenges to make these dreams come true :- Dreams and visions are the positive driving force that motivates us. They can be a great forward push leading us to a wonderful future. Dreams and visions cause us to seek our challenges and not to fear failure.